Muck Originals Pull On Women Taupe

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This hip boot is easy and nice to put on quickly to go for a walk or to work in the garden. Full neoprene boot wrapped in soft rubber for comfortable and waterproof protection. The PU footbed with memory foam provides great walking comfort and the antimicrobial top layer, for optimal odor and moisture regulation, gives you a fresh feeling all day long. The profile provides sufficient grip. Beautiful subdued taupe color with burgundy red details.

    • 100% Waterproof
    • 5 mm Neoprene
    • Manually covered with natural rubber
    • Neoprene side for easy on and off
    • Removable sole with molded PU insert and memory foam
    • Antimicrobial top layer

MAINTENANCE : Do not let the boots dry out by long-term storage in direct sunlight or near a heater. Boots should be cleaned before storage, especially after exposure to dirt, salt water, manure and pesticides. Natural rubber boots are easy to clean by gently scrubbing with water and / or soap. Natural rubber stays supple longer with S.martRub. For extra comfort, preferably wear woolen socks, in any case no cotton, as it retains perspiration. Preferably take them off with the help of a boot jack.

WARRANTY: 12 months for manufacturing defects, but not for wear.